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Chesa Veglia

Restaurant - Switzerland , St. Moritz

Ref: TGS-R59


In 1936 the Chesa Veglia from Badrutt's Palace Hotel was transformed into a meeting place for gourmets and VIPs. Since then, the rustic atmosphere has attracted both locals and tourists alike and still enjoys great popularity today. The three restaurants and two bars, all of which are unique in its kind, will cater for a variety of taste preferences. RESTAURANT: Comfortable - and always busy. The atmosphere is as it must be in a pizzeria. Relaxed. If there is no table available, the guest is placed in the Polo Bar for an aperitif. For all newcomers the truffle pizza is an absolute »must«. RESTAURANT & SWISS SPECIALITIES: The Patrizier Stuben convey the soothing atmosphere of a chalet. Matched by Swiss specialties on offer - and much more. GOURMET & RESTAURANT: The Grill Chadafö is considered the noblest of the three restaurants of the Chesa Veglia - and nothing for vegetarians. When entering the restaurant, you will pass the original stone oven, which is still in use for preparation of grilled specialties. BAR: The Polo Bar: Probably every local has already visited the Polo Bar if he had to wait for a table in the Pizzeria Heuboden. In the end usually the table is waiting for the guest. The bar is just too cute - and cozy. Mind the ceiling - it is very low. Opening times winter: 8.30pm - 00.00pm The Carigiet Bar: It is not a fairy tale that the drawings in the Bar Carigiet are originals of the known Swiss author. Nor that the Senate (Ständerat) decided in the Chesa Veglia that Romansh became the fourth national language of Switzerland. The proof can be found on the front door of the bar, adjacent to the Patrizier Stuben Opening times winter: 8.30pm - 00.00pm Opening times summer: 8.30pm - 11.30pm Gault Millau Points : 15    


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